Prioritize Your Outbound Calling and Watch Your Sales Explode

I talk a lot about the power of using the phone to generate leads, sales and referrals, quite simply if your staff are not using the phone on a daily basis you are leaving money, and lots of it on the table.

We go on simple formula of 4 productive calls per hour between the hours of 8.30 am and 8.30 PM.

You’ll need to check the relevant laws regarding what time you can call in your State or country.

What I’ve outlined below is putting the 80/20 rule to work, meaning it’s likely that 80 per cent of your business will come from 20 per cent of your calling, if you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know that I specialize in the marketing of health and wellness centers such as yoga studios, martial arts dojos, personal training businesses, gyms etc but these principle could be applied effectively to any business.

Below is a list of the type of calling we do and you’ll notice a number next to the type of call, starting with ten being the highest and one the lowest the calls are ranked in terms of where we find the majority of our income producing phoning happens.

Telemarketing bookings-meaning following up the “no shows” of our outbound phone calling this is done for us by a company that rings a data base of people within our area and offers a complimentary trial and books an appointment, generally we have a 25-30 per cent show rate. I am giving it the number 4 because we do manage to rebook or reschedule a few of the no shows and get them in.

Renewals. I am giving this the number 10 it means that we call active renewals with an “early bird offer”. Works well and gets people to renew before they are due. The best source of income

Renewals that are non active (meaning they have not attended in some time) I give the number three to again, harder work to get back people that have not been to the gym in ages, yes we do courtesy calls to find out why they have not been in but there are many reasons beyond our control. This is harder work but still bears fruit occasionally.

Incoming phone inquiries. I give this the number 7 especially when we have a specific way of converting these phone calls to appointments, a good source of income with a high success rate especially when we can offer every appointment that shows a gift worth a genuine $147!

Point of sale referrals given to us by a new member, I give this the number 6 again a good source of income when we ring the referral and offer them a free month of membership valued at $150 again we have a very specific strategy with this of call

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